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            When I was 9 years old, I started playing tennis. At first, I didn’t want to have tennis lessons after school everyday, but my dad forced me to. He kept telling me that it’s good for my health, and I knew he was right. I was growing really fast and in order for my body to not have as much pain, I had to do some sort of sports. My father even bought me an expensive Wilson tennis racket on my birthday. So I started having tennis lessons for an hour and thirty minutes everyday after school.

            I came home exhausted after tennis. I would fall on my bed, forgetting about all the homework and waking up at midnight to stay up all night doing homework. It was horrible. To make things worse, I had blisters all over my palms and fingers from the tennis racket. Simply holding a pencil at school caused me great pain. Sometimes I would write in my notebook and red drops would fall on the snow white sheet of paper. It took me a second to realize it was my own blisters tearing and blood trickling from the openings.

            I kept telling my parents I hated tennis and wanted to quit badly. But my mom decided for me and she said that I wouldn’t quit. She said it was for my own good. I hated my parents at that moment, when they made decisions for me. Maybe they hoped I would become the future Maria Sharapova, but I knew that was not what I wanted to be, even though I was doing pretty well in tennis.

            As years passed, my blisters became very hard and I didn’t get pain anymore. Also, I was more flexible and didn’t experience any pain while growing. But I was in eighth grade already and had a lot of homework. My mom saw how tired I was and she offered me to quit tennis. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t come this far, to simply throw out my tennis racket and never think of it again. I enjoyed playing tennis by then and was even grateful that my parents didn’t allow me to quit the sport. I learned that if I continue and not give up, I will have a higher self-esteem, because I know that I’m not a quitter and don’t cheat myself. I stopped playing tennis for a while, because I have other important things to do, but I’m sure I will continue my lessons again next year.


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