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            The best vacation I have ever been on was when I went to Turkey for 10 days. It was amazing; I have so many good memories about that place. I flew with my parents to Antalya, and then took a bus ride to the hotel we were staying at. I slept during the flight and watched the beautiful city during the bus ride. The place we were going to had a lot of Russian tourists, so it was easy to communicate. The climate in Antalya was wonderful, it was always warm and sunny, and not a single cloud hung above our heads.

            The hotel we stayed in was called Camyuva Beach Hotel. It wasn’t as big as some of the other five star hotels were in the area, but it was still amazing. It was right by the beach and also had a swimming pool with big slides. The slides were steep and the fast water running from it allowed the people to go as fast as lighting into the pool. Also, there was great music during the daytime. It was the kind of music I loved listening to, which just made things even better. The food was wonderful. Everyday, we had different dishes cooked for us. It was a huge buffet, and people could choose anything they want. Lots of different desserts and fruits were set on the long tables. The chefs were professionals.

            Everyday, I would drag my parents to the beach, and swim in the crystal clear water and sun tan as much as I could. When it got colder, I would go out into the swimming pool or listen to music and watch the sunset from the balcony. Everything about that place was fantastic, just that some of the Turkish guys scared me when they stared. I was a bit upset when I had to leave the place, because it was great there. When I was at the bus going to the airport, for some reason I felt exhausted. But a part of me was happy to go back home, because I was starting to feel homesick.

            The next place I would want to visit is Paris. Although I know this won’t happen until I finish college and start working, I still really wish that maybe one day I could go there with my family and see the Eiffel tower. If this won’t happen sometime soon, then I will definitely visit Paris with my friends later on.


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