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            The worst fight I ever had was with my brother. When I was in 7th grade, I started talking a lot on MSN. That was a good thing, but I learned some bad words, too. Once, my brother Max, who is 8 years older than me, made me really angry. I don’t remember what exactly made me mad. But it was probably because he didn’t want to get off the computer, even though it was my turn to use it.

            So there I was standing, staring at him with rage. I wanted to kick him so hard, but I knew that that was useless, because he is so much bigger than me. All I could do was insulting him verbally. I turned around to leave the room and on my way out I swore at him. It wasn’t even a serious word; it was something that I heard in school almost everyday. And then, Max asked, “What did you call me?” So I replied, “You heard me.” And then….

            My brother got up and went to the bathroom to get something. When he returned, he had soap in his hands. Oh my God, I thought. And he said, “Since you talk like that, let’s clean your mouth!”, and Max started chasing me around the house. I was running and going under chairs, over the couch, and throwing newspapers at him. My dog started barking. Finally, when he got me, I dropped down and buried my face into the pillow so that he won’t be able to put the soap into my mouth. But somehow, he managed to turn me over. I was yelling so loud, our neighbors probably thought someone was getting killed. The soap tasted horrible. It was bitter and had an extremely nasty feeling, as if I put wax in my mouth. Yuck.

            I started to cry and pray God to help me, and Max let me go. When he went back to his room, I was furious! So I marched to the bathroom, found some kind of spray, and ran to his room. He was sitting there and playing computer games. I came up to him, and sprayed it in his face. “Aaaaaaah!” He screamed out. Max swore so much, I’ve never heard that many bad words all at once. So I started laughing. He hissed, “I..will…kill you…” I ran to my room and locked it until my parents came home.

            Max and I are still the closest brother and sister on earth. He’s in Canada now, and I miss him. I miss playing video games with him and just doing fun things. He’s a great brother, even though we had that fight, and I love him. He cares a lot about me and I learned that swearing is not good and not “cool”.



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