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            My most embarrassing moment happened when I was 7. It was a dark peaceful night and my parents and I went for a walk at the beach. The ocean was very quiet and the air was really clean. While walking next to my mom, I started counting the stars above me. I was a happy little kid.

            But then I heard some men laughing very loudly. While my parents kept on talking, I went to the small hill where the voices were coming from. I discovered two men sitting on a bench and drinking alcohol. Oh my God, I was so mad! I hated seeing people drinking or smoking, I thought it was a nasty thing to do. And then, something came to my mind. What if I try to scare them?..

            So I crept from behind. It was hard not to make any noise, because the leaves were dry underneath my feet and they kept on making the crunchy sound. But the men didn’t notice. They were too loud and drunk. I was also a brave one. My plan was to scare them and have them run away. A wild thought came to my mind, and I decided that I should pretend to be a ghost. So I came from behind and hissed, “Booooo…”

            One man screamed out and the bottle in his hands flew high up into the air. And it started to come back down… Uh oh, I thought. Then, it hit me on my head. And I screamed like a girl. The other man, who was even more drunk, looked back and saw me. There was a long silent moment. He started laughing as hard as I ever thought a man could laugh. The man who dropped his bottle was a bit mad, because all the alcohol was wasted, but then he started laughing, too. It was extremely embarrassing, I wished I was invisible. But I was old enough to know that that wasn’t going to happen. So I ran as fast as I could to my parents, and after a few minutes, I heard two men singing.

            After all that, I never bothered other people if they drank or smoked. I didn’t really care anymore because I’ve learned my lesson. People can do whatever they want to do, even though it’s bad. I am lucky enough that my parents didn’t notice I was gone in that short time, and no one is there right now to remind me about it, just myself. Whenever I remember this time, I giggle.


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