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            My best friend is Youlia. We’ve been best friends for 3 years. She is very unique in many ways. I can describe her as a very creative, imaginative, fun, exciting, and hyper person. She’s just very… herself. The story of how we met is also interesting.

            It was the beginning of the school year, and I was in 6th grade. Everyone came back tanned from summer and very happy. I was excited to go to school again. The school bus was waiting for me in the morning. When I got in, I saw a new girl sitting. She looked older than me, but something about her told me that she’s the kind of person I could get along with very well. At first, I thought she was Korean. The girl was very quiet in the bus and I couldn’t hear her speak. When the school day ended, I walked to my bus. But then, I heard someone in the bus speaking very fast in Russian. In RUSSIAN. It couldn’t have been Dennis… And when I walked in, I saw the girl speaking on the phone and saying, “Mom, school was okay… the people are very nice here… Mom, I’m hungry. Can u make me something when I come home? Mom, please. Mom!” Then, she saw me staring at her. She probably thought, what’s wrong with her… And I finally managed to ask, “Are you from Russia?” I could tell it shocked her, too. So she said, “Yeah, I am. Wow, I thought you were European or something. This is shocking… I’m glad I found another Russian in this school. Nice to meet you, I’m Youlia.” And we had a long conversation before I had to get off near my apartment.

            I was happy, too. I never had a Russian friend before, so it scared me a little that I would have a hard time understanding her. She spoke very fast. And she was very, very loud. At first whenever she asked me something I just nodded. I didn’t get what she was saying because she was speaking SO fast. She thought I was weird and quiet. But somehow we got along, and during lunch we would always sit together and talk about things. I started to understand better and actually concentrating on what she is saying. She also noticed that I started to speak more. We told each other different stories and funny jokes. We even had health class together. I thought she was funny and awesome. And she reminded me of Russia, my mother country, where I never really lived. I finally stopped feeling homesick.

            We did so much special things together. We met up on the weekends. As years passed, I became closer and closer with her. We went to Lock-in, I slept over at her place, we went shopping together, and we had so much fun. We were both really random. And we always stayed together. We are still best friends. Our friendship is very strong and we would always talk to each other if we have a problem. We never fought. Never. And I think we never will, because we agree on everything and we’re really similar in many ways. I like how Youlia is very unique and has her own style of being herself. This sounds weird, but that’s how I describe Youlia.

            Youlia changed me and I changed her. Before, I used to be this nerdy girl that only cared about books and carried a wheel pack with me everywhere I went. All I cared about was getting good grades. Youlia used to be the opposite of me. She cared about having a good style, and didn’t worry much about grades. We balanced each other out. She “Russianized” me and I made her a better person, too. I’m thankful that she changed me because now I feel more confident about myself and have a better self-esteem. We will always be best friends.


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  1. Холи мазэ факин щит man im soo touched x]
    chyt ne razridalas na meste blin><
    SpasibO za surprise btw;]<333

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