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Once, I stayed after school to go to my friend’s birthday party. It was great; I had a lot of fun in karaoke, Outback, and at the beach. By the end of the day, I was tired and had to go home. The bus didn’t come for 20 minutes. The cars barely moved on the streets.

I came home 10 minutes late… The consequences were severe. I got my worst punishment ever for this. I was supposed to come home at 8. There was a lot of traffic on that day because it was Chuseok. I thought 10 minutes wouldn’t be that serious, I even called my dad to tell him that I’ll be late. But the moment I walked through the door, I wished I never had…

            First, I checked if my parents were in the living room. They weren’t. It was very silent in the house, and I knew they were in their room. So I ran to my room and closed the door. Then, the door swung open. In that one short moment I remembered all the best parts of my life, starting from when I was really small. It was as if I was walking towards death… Then, BAM! My dad slapped me on the face. He grabbed me by my neck and hissed, “Where were you…” So I explained once again, that there was a lot of traffic. Then, my mom came. She started swearing so bad I never heard anything worse. It was as if she tried to say all the swear words in the world in one sentence. I was reviled.

            I’ll take out all the details… Basically, my parents took away my phone, my money, and grounded me for a whole month. It was a catastrophe. They also didn’t let me use the computer. At first, I couldn’t even do my homework on the computer.

            It was horrible, because I knew I definitely didn’t deserve all that just because I was 10 minutes late. I don’t know what the deal was, but I felt like going out onto the road and screaming my lungs out. I thought it was insane. It was just stupid. Maybe they were really worried, but they certainly didn’t have to take away all the things I had that made me happy. And oh! I forgot to point out that they also took my ipod away. That was completely over the edge. I had to be isolated from the whole world for a long month. My friends all felt really sorry for me and I felt even worse about that. Haah, now, every time I come home, I make sure I’m 1 minute early, just in case. I learned my lesson, and I now know that my parents can go over the limit for simple things. But maybe it’s just because they really care and worry about me.





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