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  2. Becoming Part of the Soccer Team

    When I was in third grade, I got really interested in soccer. I started watching soccer on TV with my dad and my brother. The sport seemed amazing to me – there was so much more to it than just kicking the ball and running around the field.
    One day, I was sitting at the bench with my friends and watching the field. The boys were playing soccer. I had such a strong feeling to go there and be a part of the game. I wanted to leave everything behind and go straight out there. But I was really worried… Would my girl friends think I’m weird? Will the boys make fun of me? Will I be able to play well and have fun?
    During P.E., we started doing soccer. Mr. Jolly was my third grade teacher back then, and he was the one that helped me gain confidence about myself and try being a part of the game. He taught me different ways of how to kick the ball. I learned how to make it go straight, angled, sideways, curved, low, high, and strong. When the lunch bell rang, I would be one of the first people to run out to the field and start playing. It was a wonderful experience. Sometimes I got hurt by the ball, but I never gave up. Once, a girl named Jennifer Hur came to class. She was the one other girl that started playing soccer with me and the boys. She was nicknamed “Hulk” and I was nicknamed “Lazer”. I played a lot as a goalie, too, and was pretty good at it until I got hurt and quit being a goalie.
    There was a gap in time when I didn’t platy soccer. Last year in P.E., the soccer season started. Many people encouraged me to try out for the soccer team, but I thought I wasn’t good enough. I tried to avoid people asking me those kind of questions at first, and my answer would always be “No…” But at times when I was alone and had nothing else on my mind, soccer would come up to me.
    So I joined the team. I am glad I did it because I always wanted to be in the soccer team. I attended nearly all practices and went home tired and happy every other day. In addition, I went to two tournaments, scored some goals, and we became the soccer champions. We were all really proud of ourselves.

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